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3 Foundations Of Communication Training

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

When it comes to communication whether that is from stage, in the boardroom or on camera ( Zoom ) there are 3 foundations that if you know and understand will take your communication skills to the next level.

So many people fear public speaking/presenting, a big part of this fear comes from not really knowing if they are doing it right, this was a fear for me in the early stages of my performing career.

The feeling of uncertainty affected how confident I felt, which then made the entire presenting process feel painful and created a lot of self doubt. This would show up as anxiety before a presentation, nerves during the presentation (dry mouth, shaky hands, memory loss etc etc) and then the inner critic giving me a bad review after the presentation.

Having been through the journey I have reflected back on what I have learnt and have distilled it down into three foundations, these apply whether you are video conferencing, presenting on zoom, presenting a webinar, public speaking from stage, pitching in the boardroom meeting with clients..... basically any time you are communicating!

In this video I share what it takes to become a confident speaker, a speaker who has authority, impact and influence…..

If presenting is something you struggle with, or it’s something you want to master then shoot me a message…..

‘I Know I Can Help’

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