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Conquering Public Speaking Fear: Tips and Tricks for Success

We've all been there: invited to deliver a speech, present at a conference, or attend a networking event. The moment you receive that invitation, anxiety sets in. The heart races, your mouth goes dry, and your palms sweat.

You're not alone. In this article, I'll share invaluable insights and techniques to help you navigate the daunting world of public speaking.

Understanding Public Speaking Nerves

Mark Twain once said, "There are two types of speakers: those who get nervous and those who lie." Even as a seasoned speaker, I still encounter that flutter in my stomach before stepping onto the stage. But over time, I've learned to see it not as nerves but as a surge of energy propelling me forward. The physiological responses of nervousness and excitement are identical; the difference lies in our interpretation of these signals. Your mindset plays a crucial role.

Drawing from my early days as a roving magician, approaching tables filled me with trepidation. It's fascinating how the mind can invent excuses to avoid confronting fear: "I need to shuffle the cards again," "I need another sip of water," or "They look too busy to watch me do magic." Overcoming such procrastination required a strategic plan. If we allow our minds to dominate, they will always opt for comfort over challenge.

Tools to Overcome Public Speaking Fear

I've split my recommendations into two categories: strategies to adopt before speaking and those to use in the moment.

Before Speaking:

1. **Adopt a Confident Posture**: Prior to your presentation, avoid shrinking into your phone or device. This posture reflects low self-esteem. Stand tall, take up space, imagine wearing a superhero cape, and channel that confidence. As a performer on cruise ships, I'd stretch my arms wide, embodying the vastness of the space and audience I was about to address.

2. **Shake Out Nervous Energy**: Remember the trembling hands from my magic days? Instead of suppressing this energy, release it. Find a secluded spot and shake out your limbs. It's a quick, effective way to dispel tension.

3. **Practice Calming Breath Techniques**: Based on insights from neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, a double sniff followed by a long exhale can be a game changer. It helps relax and prepare you mentally.

During Speaking:

1. **Soften Your Gaze**: Staring intently or darting your eyes indicates fear. Maintain gentle eye contact with your audience for a composed demeanour.

2. **Regulate Your Breathing**: Breathe slowly. Rapid breathing can escalate nerves and cause you to rush through your material. Even if you feel like time stretches when you take it slow, trust that the pace is comfortable for your listeners.

3. **Speak Slowly**: Your words should flow seamlessly. If you speed-talk, you risk losing sync between your thoughts and speech.

4. **Perfect Your Opening**: Rehearse your opening sentence until it becomes second nature. Starting with confidence sets the tone for the remainder of your presentation.


Remember that conquering the fear of public speaking is a journey. With each speaking engagement, you'll become more adept at harnessing those nerves and turning them into positive energy.

So, which of these tips resonated most with you? Drop a comment below, and stay tuned for more insights.

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