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How To Be More Confident: Unpacking The Secrets To Public Speaking

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Do you ever find your palms sweaty or heart racing at the mere thought of delivering a presentation or speech to an audience?

If you've ever felt anxious about public speaking, you're not alone. In fact, you're in the company of many professionals who, despite their expertise, grapple with this exact fear. Let's explore the transformative journey to be more confident when in the spotlight.

It's Not About Innate Confidence

Contrary to popular belief, confidence in public speaking doesn't come naturally to everyone. While some might think that professional speakers were born with this talent, that’s often far from the truth. Even seasoned professionals feel the fluttering butterflies in their stomach before taking the stage.

Understanding Confidence through a Personal Lens

Reflecting on my own journey, if you had approached my 18-year-old self and asked if I would ever confidently address a roomful of individuals, the answer would have been a resounding "no." Social interactions were daunting for me. But magic – yes, magic – became my vehicle to weave comfort in these situations. It was a unique way for me to inject charm and intrigue into social settings.

Confidence is a Muscle: The More You Use It, The Stronger It Becomes

Now, here's a revelation. Even with over a decade of professional speaking under my belt, from small intimate gatherings to theatres filled with an audience of thousands, I still experience that familiar churning feeling of anxiety. But the difference? I’ve trained myself to channel this energy positively, propelling me forward instead of holding me back.

The Unfamiliar Territory of Confidence

A significant portion of our apprehension stems from the fear of the unknown. "What if the audience doesn't resonate with me?", "What if I stumble on my words?", or "What if I end up embarrassing myself?" are concerns most of us have had. The key to dispelling these fears? Make the unfamiliar, familiar.

Taking Incremental Steps Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s not about leaping bounds outside of what's comfortable; it's about recognising the boundaries of your comfort zone and taking baby steps to expand it. When I began my journey, making eye contact with a stranger or initiating small talk was my way of dipping a toe outside my comfort zone.

For someone looking to boost their confidence in public speaking, it could be as simple as striking a conversation in a coffee queue or volunteering to lead the next Zoom call. For those committed to refining their public speaking prowess, platforms like Toastmasters or amateur drama classes can offer a structured path.

The Ever-Expanding Horizon of Confidence

One step outside your comfort zone might seem minor, but it has a compound effect. As you push your boundaries, you'll find that what once seemed insurmountable becomes second nature. Whether it's delivering a presentation, leading a team, or expanding a business, newfound confidence can open a world of opportunities.

A Challenge to Embrace Discomfort

From a self-proclaimed introvert to one of Australia’s leading speakers, my journey underscores the power of embracing discomfort. So, I challenge you: take that one small step, lean into discomfort, and see the magic unfold. Because beyond discomfort lies growth, confidence, and unparalleled communication prowess.

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