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Be A Better Public Speaker - 3 Hand Gesture Tips.

When it comes to the hands, you don't need to be a body language expert to know that palms up is seen as a sign of honesty and openness. The way that we use our hands can completely change the way our words are perceived, by making subtle shifts we can go from resistance to co-operation.

If your work involves any type of presenting, or you are a speaker one of the key skills you need to learn is how to engage with your audience, and this is where I can add some value. As a Mentalist every presentation I deliver is interactive, I am inviting audience members to join me up on stage to take part in fun mind games.

One thing I pride myself on is never having audience members resist my requests to join me on stage, from memory I would say that in the last 12 months I have had only two people resist me.... one of these people turned out to have a broken ankle and was wearing one of those huge moon-boot things. That's a VERY good success rate when you consider that every presentation normally has at least 6 people on stage.

This is no accident; I have a very specific way of calling people up on stage that ensures that they conform, you see if one person resists it sets up the floodgates for other people to also decline and before you know it you have a very awkward 'presenter vs the audience' scenario.

A big part of this conforming formula is the way I gesture and use hand actions, while there are a few other psychological ploys at play, mastering gestures will put you in a place of power during your next presentation.

In the video below I share 3 different gestures that are tried and tested, I share what you shouldn't be doing, and how by using a simple gesture you will get people instantly conforming with your requests and buying in to your words.

The next person you speak to give this a try, ask a question you wouldn’t normally ask, step outside your comfort zone and break the norm.

Do you have a go to question? Leave it in the comments section below

Anthony Laye - Take Action Create Your Story

Behaviour Expert / Mentalist / Speaker

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