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Are You A Post Covid Weirdo?

I have missed the excitement and energy of being in a room full of people, the buzz around the conference coffee machine, sharing my keynote from the stage, even the popping sound of someone opening a mentos wrapper just as the room falls silent.

Yes, face to face events are getting back to full speed however I am seeing a problem, a problem that won’t last forever, but it is here, and it is here RIGHT NOW!

First let me share a quick story from my perspective….

As a speaker I enjoy being on stage, I enjoy standing before of a room of people, sharing stories and ideas, using mentalism to entertain and create an experience for everyone. Some people think I am a natural performer, that it must be in my genes or something; it hasn't always been this way, the nerves and fear I used to feel at times would be paralysing, the journey I put myself through to feel confident on stage was borderline self torture (albeit a positive torture to make me a better person, these days we call it personal development, it has a nicer ring to it). Here is the thing, over the last two years stages have been closed, audiences have been confined to a face on a screen, we haven't felt the same energy you get when a group of humans are all physically in the same room. So when I was asked to deliver my keynote, from stage, to a live audience after months of only presenting online I felt nervous, the inner critic started firing up, to be totally honest and vulnerable with you, when I walked out on that stage I felt super awkward, a bit like a baby giraffe trying to take its first steps.

So why do I share this story with you….

What I am hearing AND seeing first hand, is people are facing the same awkwardness as they are getting back together face to face, people are being clunky in the way they interact, they are not feeling as confident as they once did. It seems that Covid not only took away our sense of taste it also took away some of our social skills, it took away our ability to walk up to another person and say hi without feeling awkward.

Below is a link to a short ebook I have written to help you regain your confidence, a collection of simple tools to help you create connections in a post Covid world.

  • The ebook is FREE

  • You will not have to enter your name, email or telephone number.

  • I will not make you sit through a 45 minute webinar in an attempt to sign you up to my latest program.

I am openly sharing this to be of service, to help you and others take back their confidence.

All I ask is if you find it useful then please SHARE.

Just to clear things up…. If you are looking for a speaker or MC for your next conference, the awkwardness has gone and I am back to my old self on stage.

Have a great day,


How To Build Rapport In Business
Download PDF • 7.50MB

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