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Finding The Drive To Succeed - The Questions You Need To Ask Yourself.

Do you ever find yourself struggling to find the drive to work on a task or project?

Feeling overwhelmed, lacking motivation, or struggling to just get started is normal and something we all encounter at some point in time, for some of us it can seem more frequent than others.

Often there are tasks that we are not fond of doing, tasks that we try and avoid, tasks that we know we should be doing, however we find ourself tidying the office or spending 30 minutes deleting messages on our phone, basically anything to avoid having to do what we are meant to be doing.

The problem is, this process of avoidance is only delaying the inevitable, we then start to get frustrated with ourselves, annoyed that we are not moving forward.

So what can we do? Is it possible to wave a magic wand of motivation?

In this video I share a couple of ideas that will help you get that fire back in your belly.

Do you have a way of pushing through the procrastination wall?

Thanks for dropping by,

Anthony - Live Consciously

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