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How To Bring Out The Best In Your Team

Imagine how much more productive, effective and profitable your company would be if you had teams that were self motivated and turned up every day giving 100%.

Great leaders know how to bring out the best in their team, they know that getting people to want to do something, is way more effective than forcing them to do something. Using force causes the heels to dig in, it irritates and starts the negative water cooler conversations which before long, turns into a reservoir of low moral.

Great leaders spend time with team members creating an emotional buy-in, they demonstrate and let team members know that what their actions, what they do and contribute plays a significant role in the bigger picture, that their efforts contribute towards a vision.

In this 1 minute mindset I am going to share a simple hack that will organically create more effective team players by making use of the pygmalion effect.

Pygmalion effect - a person wants to live up to and exceed expectations.

Click on the video below to discover this simple hack,

Do you lead a team? If so how do you bring out the best in people?

Thanks for dropping by,

Anthony Laye

Behaviour Expert / Mentalist / Speaker

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