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A Simple Tool To Discover What Your Customer Wants.

Imagine you had the ability to know what your customers really want.

Imagine the difference that would make when pitching an idea, service or product.

You wouldn’t be pitching blind, you would be able to create an experience for your customer, say the right things, show them the right ideas and products.

We all have a different language pattern, a way that we prefer to understand information, in NLP this is referred to as modalities and they are represented by VAK.

Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic

We use all three but are normally biased towards one of these. When talking to someone, asking a question or trying to find out what your customers and clients really want or need, you need to speak their language.

Much of the time we won't know a customers preferred modality so we need to cover all the bases.

In this 1 minute mindset I share with you a simple questioning tool that will not only make you a more effective communicator, it will put you in a position to elicit valuable information from your clients and customers, putting you steps ahead.

Do you have a covert way of finding out your customers needs?

Thanks for dropping by,

Anthony Laye

Behaviour Expert / Mentalist / Speaker

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