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What To Do With Your Hands When Standing.

Have your ever found yourself in a situation where all of a sudden that internal voice fires up and starts a silent mind conversation of...

'what do you do with your hands? If you put them in your pockets you will be comfortable, but might send out the wrong message. If you hold them at your sides will you look like a robot? How much do you move them around, or do you keep them still?'

This is a question that has comes up over and over, and its an internal conversation I have had with myself countless times in the past both in business and social settings.

One night I thought enough was enough, there has to be a simple answer. So I sat down and did some research; I took all the bits of advise, I could find and went out in to the field and battle tested all of them, over the period of a few months I ended up with a few trusty techniques that I could always rely on, and that is what I want to share with you in this blog.

What To Do With Your Hands - The 3 Rules.

1 - Keep Your Hands In View.

If your hands are not visible you will be viewed as less trustworthy (if you are sat at a table avoid putting your hands in lap under table top)

2 - Do Not Lock Your Hands.

When people get nervous there is a tendency to lock the hands together, doing this will stop you using your hands to gesture; gestures give your words meaning, and research has shown people who use gestures (controlled) are viewed as more likeable.

3 - Use The C-Spot

As a general rule, hold your hands in the area over your belly button, I call this the C-Spot. Having your hands in this area will make your appear more confident, charismatic, controlled and calm.

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