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The Secrets Of Charisma

Would you like to be seen as more charismatic?

Would you like to possess that magnetic personality?

It doesn’t matter if you are in sales, coaching, management, leadership, a business owner or someone who just likes to play at the top of their game, understanding and being able to harness charisma, as I am sure you can imagine has HUGE benefits.

I recently ran a Facebook LIVE looking at charisma, the science behind it, and I shared some practical tools that you can use day-to day to boost your impact and levels of charisma.

I have posted the video below, it is a value packed 30 mins where you will discover

  • The biggest myths of charisma

  • The formula / science of charisma

  • How to be seen as charismatic instantly

If you don’t have a spare 30 mins to watch me get excited as I share my stories and insights here is the summarised version.

The 2 Myths

  • Charisma is not a mystical superpower reserved for the select few

  • You don’t need to be an extrovert to be charismatic

Charisma = Influence

Science has proven that charismatic people have the ability to effect the way lower charismatic people feel, this is valuable knowledge if you are in a position where you need to inspire, motivate and lead others

The Charisma Formula

Charisma is made up of 3 components, power, presence, warmth.

  • Power = Your Ability to affect the world around you

  • Presence = The ability to make someone feel you are totally there in the moment

  • Warmth = How much you care about others

3 Charisma Boosting Tips

Power - Use confident body language

  • Hands visible

  • Shoulders down and back

  • Chin chest straight forward

  • Slight smile

Avoid body language that makes you smaller and shrink, also body language that wraps you up and makes you look closed off

Presence - Eye contact is the key here, maintain eye contact for around 60 - 70% of the time

When you first meet someone notice the colour of their eyes, when you feel you mind start to wander refocus on the eye colour.

Warmth - Look for things you like

  • A really cool tool to use here is to look for 3 things that you like about someone, anything at all but 3 things, maybe their hair, maybe their smile, maybe the sound of their voice, it could be you like the fact they made the time to meet with you.

Doing this will even create warmth towards someone who you maybe are not that keen on, rather than seeing the bad, consciously looking for the things you like will force you into a positive mindset towards the other person.

As Olivia Fox Cabane wrote in her book The Charisma Myth (which I highly recommend you read), a well known celebrity who was highly charismatic was Bill Clinton, people who were not fans of Bill Clinton were reported as saying that even though they disliked Bill Clinton, when they were in his company they couldn’t help but love him, Bill Clinton combined all 3 elements to have unquestionable charisma that would even win over people who opposed him.

I mention a FREE 60 minute training in the video to register for access click here

Thanks for dropping by,

Anthony - Live Consciously

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