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Have you ever been on a phone call and found yourself wondering, did that person just lie to me?

In this video you will discover a very simple method for making sure you are never lied to on the phone again.

First a question... Did you know that people are less likely to lie to you via email and text?

This is because text and email leave hard evidence, there is a paper trail, so if you want to stop people lying to you over the phone all you simply need to do is tell them that you are going to take some notes, you can even tell them that you will email them through a summary of the call afterwards.

So there you have it, to stop someone lying to you on the phone, tell them you are going to take notes.

If you have ever wanted to know how to be more influential I have a treat for you, I have put together an ebook that reveals seven habits that will transform your interactions both in business and personal, all you need to do is click the link below.

Like everything I share these are simple, don't miss out download your free copy now.

Thank you for dropping by,

Anthony Laye - Take Action Create Your Story

Behaviour Expert // Mentalist // Speaker

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