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Sometimes Life Isn’t Fun But Wait… It Might Be A Turning Point.

2003 was a year I will never forget, it was a year that changed the trajectory of my life. I was living through a particularly dark and challenging time, it felt like everything I had built in my life to that point was falling apart, I was convinced the universe was out to make me fail.

I entered a spiral of negativity, a vortex of doom and gloom, I became reactive and out of control, I had reached rock bottom, only to discover that rock bottom had basement…. The big problem was I had been blinded to my behaviour and the impact it was REALLY having, consumed in my world of problems I didn’t see the way I was being, I didn’t see the way I was treating others, I didn’t see that I needed to be a better ME to pull myself out of the negativity basement.

It wasn’t until a friend delivered a very cold harsh truth, it was a slap in the face that woke me up from living on autopilot, it was a slap that make me realise the way I interacted with life, the actions I took and the way that I behaved towards others had a direct impact on how life would play out.

In that moment I made a decision to be deliberate in my actions and behaviours, I became conscious, I started to check in with myself throughout the day and started asking a very simple question…

‘How Should I Be Turning Up?’

Asking this simple question would make me check in with myself, it would make me aware of the stresses I was holding on to and made me set an intention as I moved through the day.

More importantly, this one question was the catalyst for me redesigning my life.

Right now with everything that is going on in the world its very easy to become wrapped up in the overwhelm and become reactive, you need to STOP and become conscious, you need to check in with yourself and identify any negative patterns you are falling victim to, you need to check in and constantly ask yourself….

‘How Are You Turning Up?’

That one simple question could be your turning point, it could be the moment you change your life!

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