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How To Sound Confident Over The Phone

Would you like to have more confidence and impact when you are on the phone?

Have you ever wondered how body language can impact your phone calls?

In this video you will discover 3 handy tips, that will take your calls to the next level without sounding fake or like you’re trying too hard.

This are techniques that I use every time I am speaking with a client.

Technique 1 - Get Rid Of The Grump

Your mood will be heard in the way you speak, so beware if you are feeling grumpy the other person will pick up on this, a simple tip would be to smile, sounds crazy but we can hear when someone is smiling.

Technique 2 - Get Handy With A Headset

Use a headset to free up you body to gesture and move, this will stop your words sounding dull and stiff

Technique 3 - Avoid The Question Inflection

This is where the voice is raised at the end of a sentence, its almost become common practice with a lot of people these days. Raising the voice towards the end of a sentence makes you sound uncertain and lacking confidence.

Do you have a telephone tip that you would like to share? Post it in the comments section below.

Thanks for dropping by,

Anthony Laye - Behaviour Expert // Mentalist // Speaker

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