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How To Sound Better On Camera

We have all heard the statistics surrounding communication,

7% Words,

38% How we sound,

55% Our body language

I call these the Three V’s Of Communication, Verbal, Vocal, Visual

Whats interesting is so many people focus on what they are going to say, and ignore how they are going to say it…. Which means that a lot of people are not communicating with maximum influence.

I often do video analysis for clients, one of the big mistakes that I see time and time again is the dreaded monotone voice. With the average attention span now under 8 seconds if your voice is boring, if you don’t captive people with your voice instantly, people will scroll past you.

When it comes to the voice there are 6 elements we need to work with.

  1. Clarity

  2. Speed

  3. Tone

  4. Pitch

  5. Volume

  6. Pause

Understanding these elements will bring your words to life, it will make you captivating and engaging.

If you have ever wondered why some people are infectious as they speak, the way they use their voice plays a huge part.

This video is part of my online program, I wanted to share it with you here so you can get a better understanding of how you should be using your voice to captivate, inspire and influence.

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