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How To Overcome Fear Of The Camera.

Does the idea of presenting on camera make you feel anxious?

Do you worry that you will damage your credibility?

Worried that you will forget what to say halfway through a video?

Fear not I am here to help you overcome your digital stage fright so you can create videos with confidence and charisma.

In this video you will discover 5 ways to reduce the stress and anxiety that many people struggle with when it comes to presenting on camera, whether that is going LIVE, delivering a Zoom presentation or pre recording social media content.

Most people try to suppress their fear and end up looking more nervous…. this is a BIG mistake.

What I will be revealing are not ideas based on theory, these are tools that I have used to go from nervous wreck to one of Australia’s top corporate speakers and entertainers.

Please share this video with anyone you know who struggles with presenting on camera.

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Thank you for watching,

Anthony Laye - Take Action Create Your Story

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