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How To Look Good On Zoom

Virtual communication has gone through the roof over the last few months.

We have found ourselves using video conferencing on a daily basis to connect with clients and team members.

A big mistake I am seeing people make though, is not taking this style of communication seriously, they are just opening up the laptop and jumping on the call without putting in much thought to how they look and sound.

When we meet face to face we create a first impression, what’s important you realise is that when we meet virtually, we create a digital first impression.

I have had a home studio for a while now, and when the world went in to lock down I made a few upgrades so I had a permanent setup.

One of the upgrades I made was to permanently install a DLSR camera as a webcam, this has had a huge impact on the speed at which I am able to produce professional looking content (like this video), it has also meant that every time I jump on a Zoom or do a virtual presentation the picture quality is of a high standard.

I have had a few requests to explain how I connect my camera so I decided to go one step further…. As not everyone has a spare DLSR knocking around I thought…

‘Is there a way to connect the iPhone and use that as a webcam?’

Turns out… YES it is possible.

In this training I run you through both of the methods, how to connect a DLSR and also the iPhone.

While a lack of camera quality shouldn’t stop you doing video, if you have the option to improve the picture quality then I say ‘DO IT’

If you’re ready to take your virtual presenting seriously then make sure you check out my online program ‘The Confident Virtual Presenter’ it will be a game changer!

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