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How to Improve Public Speaking: Using Your Voice for Impact

Public speaking is a skill that many of us strive to master, not just to share ideas on a stage, but even in intimate one-on-one settings. A crucial part of effective public speaking is not just the content you share but how you share it. With the rising need for public speaking training and enhancing communication skills, understanding how to use one's voice for impact is pivotal.

Why Some Messages Fall Flat

You've seen it, haven't you? An individual with a groundbreaking idea, bubbling with excitement, steps onto the stage. They've prepared their content meticulously, ensuring every point is on mark. But as they begin to speak, something feels off. The audience's attention wanes, eyes drift to phones, and that brilliant idea, sadly, doesn’t land as it should. Why does this happen? Often, the reason is the lack of vocal and physical expression.

The Research Behind Vocal Impact

A study from UCLA brought forward a perspective-changing statistic on communication:

- 7% of our communication impact comes from the words we say.

- 38% is influenced by our voice.

- 55% is based on our body language.

While the specifics of these figures may vary based on different situations, the overarching message is clear: words alone don't create impact. How we say them – the tone, pitch, and volume – and how we support them with our body language, play a significant role in making our message resonate.

Becoming Your Words

Imagine watching a movie with a compelling plot but featuring an actor who delivers lines in a monotone and doesn’t move a muscle. The plot loses its charm, doesn't it? Similarly, in public speaking, merely reciting the words won't suffice. You must become the words you're saying.

But what does "Becoming Your words" Mean?

It means infusing your words with genuine emotion and passion. It means ensuring your voice modulates as per the message, emphasising some parts and softening on others. It means your body mirrors the sentiment of your words, using gestures (not just jazz hands!) to emphasise points.

By being more animated in speech and movement, you can change the way your message is received. This dynamism can imbue your words with the energy and enthusiasm they deserve.

Challenge: Infuse Energy into Your Words

The next time you're scheduled for a presentation or even in a casual conversation where you're sharing an idea, remember to 'be your words'. Reflect on the feeling or energy you wish to convey and allow that to permeate your speech and gestures.

Public speaking training that emphasises mastering one's voice and body language can make a substantial difference in the effectiveness of communication. In an era dominated by communication, let’s ensure our words not only reach ears but also hearts.

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