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How To Feel Confident Under Pressure

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

A challenge faced by most professionals is how do we maintain our credibility and confidence levels when we suddenly find ourselves in tense or awkward situations.

It might be you're in a meeting with a client who confronts you with an abrupt question, you might get challenged during a team meeting, it could be one of those times when you are caught off guard and asked to say a few words to the room.

Whatever the situation, when it happens it sends a wave of uncertainty through our body and this uncertainty is transmitted to the people or person we are with.

Here is the thing….One of the biggest killers of trust is a lack of confidence.

Confidence is a feeling that we get about another person on an unconscious level, we observe things about a persons behaviour, the way they speak, the way they use their body language, we then get a message from inside telling us that something isn't right here.

Back to you in an awkward situation….

As you now see, the moment you are in a situation where you are triggered with uncertainty you will start transmitting signals to others that something is wrong and we don’t want that, it will start to impact your credibility and levels of trust.

As a speaker if I ever look like I am losing it on stage or I have lost control of a situation, I will very quickly lose the audience.

In the video below I share a simple tool that I have been using on stage (and in day-to-day life) that helps me maintain composure and confidence when the unexpected decides to show up (normally an ego driven spectator who thinks ‘I can mess this mentalist up’).

Did you find this interesting?

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