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Your Thoughts Are Blocking Your Confidence

Do you ever say to yourself....

I will never be able to do this?

I will never be confident?

I will always feel socially anxious?

If you were 100% honest with yourself I am going to assume you answered YES. It might be you say these sort of things to yourself every day or maybe its just every once in a while. The problem with this type of statement is you are just making up an excuse for taking action.

Using these types of statements will cause you to lean away from the things that make you feel unconfident, when what you really need to be doing is leaning in and become curious, you need to find out what causes your anxiety.

When you lean away you rob yourself of the chance to learn, you make the unknown, even more unknown and the more unknown something becomes, the scarier it becomes to the point where you can become paralysed by the fear.... instead become curious, lean in and start to become curious, try to understand what it is you are fearful of.

Check out the short video below where I dive a little deeper into confidence vs thoughts.

What are you avoiding that you need to become curious about?

Thanks for dropping by,

Anthony - Behaviour Expert / Mentalist / Speaker

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