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Are you Motivated By The Wrong Thing?

What is motivating you?

What gets you up in the morning?

One of the big mistakes I see people make is being motivated by external factors (money, objects and status fall in to this category).

As an entrepreneur, business owner or professional, it is inevitable that at times things will get tough, moving towards your goal can feel like swimming against the tide, this is all part of life as a high performer.

The problem is when you are motivated by external factors, when these tough times hit (and remember they guaranteed to hit at some point) if you are motivated externally you will be a lot quicker to throw in the towel.

All the successful people that I have met, the business owners, the entrepreneurs, the professionals playing at the highest level, they all are driven by an internal force, they are driven from a much bigger picture, they know how not only will it impact them, but also those people around them, the people they love and care about, how it will impact other people within the business or even the world.

In addition to this they also understand the flip-side, the cost, if they don't achieve this goal or vision, they understand how others will be impacted negatively.

Check out the 3 minute video below and discover the motivation mistake I made earlier in my career, and how by just getting out of my own head I changed the game completely.

What motivates you?

Anthony - Live Consciously

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