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What To Say To Start A Conversation

Have you ever found yourself holding back from talking to someone at a conference or networking event?

I recently created a really cool ‘conference conversation starter’ cheat sheet and I want you to have it for FREE

I am not asking you to opt-in, or give me your email, I am giving you this because I know it’s valuable to you.

Through my work as a keynote speaker the number of people I meet who struggle with starting a conversation at conferences and networking events is huge.

😶The fear of not knowing what to say

😢The fear of rejection

😳The fear of looking awkward

🧐The fear of being judged

I’ve decided it is time to solve the problem of how to start a conversation.

What I am sharing are 5 conversation starters that are sure-fire, I am not saying they are the best or most creative but these are my go to rock solid ways to start a conversation.

These are tried and tested, I am on the road presenting every week and these are the openers that I will STILL use to this day.

There are two versions one is a PDF and the other is a jpeg, I would recommend saving on your phone, that way you can have a quick refresher any time you find yourself stuck for words.

The opener is only part of the connection process, in the short video below I share another cool tool to add to your connection tool kit.

I am giving this away for free because I know if I ask for your email you will think this is some kind of ploy where I end up trying to sell you something and then you won’t download..... it is not.

My goal is to help you feel more confident when it comes to connecting at conferences and networking events, I don’t want you missing out on the huge potential to discover new opportunities just because you didn’t have the confidence to start a conversation.

Check out the video and conversation starters and if you know someone who would find value in this cheat sheet please share this post or tag them in the comments.

Have an awesome day,

Anthony Laye - Live Consciously

P.S When you are ready here are 3 ways I can help you connect with your ideal client and grow your business.

  1. Join me on Facebook with other like minded professionals and entrepreneurs and stay up to date with new content as it is released…. click here and LIKE the page.

  2. Register for the 9 week Ultimate Confidence Program (The Blueprint To Stand Out, Win Trust & Influence) ….. just send me an email and put “9WEEK” in the subject line

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