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How To Film Professional Videos With An iPhone.

A big challenge that lots of professionals are facing, is understanding how to create videos on a mobile phone that don’t look like a low budget 1980’s movie.

We are now walking broadcast studios, we have the power to connect with thousands of people with a few swipes of the thumb and we are in control of the content and messages we share… All of this from a device that fits in our pocket.

Digital communication isn’t a new thing, however it is a technology we have put to the test over the last few months and we have discovered what it is truly capable of.

No longer is it just a way to FaceTime grandma on the other side of the world, or quickly check in with a colleague, we have stretched the boundaries and discovered a whole new world of communication; the problem is the technology has moved faster than our skillset, I am seeing lots of people struggle, worried about damaging their credibility because they don’t know how to communicate on camera.

I believe that although we are all desperate for face-to-face interactions, there WILL now always be a digital/virtual element and it WILL play a big role in business. Developing your skills in this area is going to put you at an advantage, it will be your chance to demonstrate your value.

To help you fast track your success and look professional on your mobile device I have created a 75min training session.

You will discover:

  • Whats important before you hit record

  • How to use your camera

  • How to frame your shot

  • How to look more professional

  • The mistakes that make people look like amateurs

This training will set you up with some easy to implement tips and its your FREE to watch below.

If you really want to level up your skills presenting virtually then I have an amazing online program that will show you everything you need to know, to have more AUTHORITY, IMPACT and INFLUENCE on camera.

You can check it out by clicking HERE

I hope you enjoy the training below.

Anthony - Take Action, Create Your Story

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