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Is A Lack Of Confidence Stopping Your Success?

One of the big problems I see are people avoiding public speaking, putting off creating that online course or don’t run that workshop that would grow their business because they are waiting to feel more confident, but while they are waiting for that confidence to arrive they are wasting time, they are missing out on valuable opportunities to have more impact, grow their business and make more money.

I remember back when I first started performing I was terrified, i would get the shakes, the sweats, my stomach would be full of butterflies, my inner voice would questioning me, it would try to hold me back ‘telling me I was stupid and why would I put myself through this’ every part of my being was telling me to move away. My battle with nerves was huge and took me a long time to overcome, one thing that has stayed consistent throughout the process of building confidence is action.

If you are sitting around waiting to feel more confident before you deliver that speech you have been putting off, or film the first module of that online course then I hope you have a comfy seat, because you are going to be sat there for a while.

The fastest way to feel more confident about public speaking is to find as many opportunities as you can to speak in public.

The fastest way to feel more confident about running your own workshop is to run a workshop

The fastest way to feel more confident on camera is to go on camera more.

Reading this it may sound ridiculously simple, yet fear seems to take the ridiculously simple and make it vanish from our thought process.

So I challenge you to ask yourself the following two questions with total honesty....

What is it that you are avoiding because you don’t feel confident enough yet?

What action could you take that would start to build your confidence?

Be bold, be brave and take action.

Anthony Laye - Take Action Create Your Story

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