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How to Spot A Liar - Lie Detection

Have you ever wondered if you are being lied to? Or ever had that feeling that something doesn’t add up?

On average we are lied to 2-3 times in a 10 minute conversation. Knowing how to decipher between the truth and a lie is a powerful skill. While there no single cue that indicates a person is lying here are 3 things to look out for that could indicate someone is trying to pull one over on you.

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Hi Anthony here, I thought I would take 60 seconds to answer a question I am consistently asked, and that is, how can you tell if someone is lying. At the end of this video I am going to give you something that is completely FREE that I have been working on recently that I know you are going to love.

So Lies…. Unfortunately there is not a single action that will 100% prove a person is lying, in fact spotting a liar is way more difficult than most books make it out to be, however here are three things to look out for that might signal someone is hiding something from you.

Number one, look for a reduction in the amount someone uses their hands to gesture, this is the brains freeze response kicking in

Number two, listen for long pauses before a person answers what should be a simple question to answer, this could be a sign the person is fabricating an answer and is cross referencing to what may of already been said

Number three, listen for words that disassociate or distance themselves from their statements, you will notice a reduction in the amount the person uses words like I, me and mine.

Well that is my 60 second guide to help you assess someone's honesty. Now the FREE thing…. I have been studying human behaviour and interactions for over 20 years, and its something I am very passionate about, I have used the skills and knowledge to totally transform and be successful in my life, and my mission is to share this with you through free content on social media and also LIVE trainings sessions and workshops, now I appreciate you may not have time to watch all my videos or not been lucky enough to attend one of my workshops so I have taken 7 habits that will have massive impact on your interactions and ability to influence others and put them together in an ebook. If you use just these 7 habits, you will significantly change the game for yourself, you will get more friends, more clients and more money. So take action now, click the link in the description and get instant access to the FREE ebook.

Thanks for watching, I will see you in a future video,

Im Anthony Laye Take Action Create Your Story.

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