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Business Body Language Tips.

Its been well documented that words only account for 7% of communication, as someone who wants to stand out and be remembered you must ensure that you are making use of the other 93% of tools available to you.

Have you ever met someone who you instantly thought 'we are going to get along'. If you just answered yes then the chances are they were sending out positive non verbal signals that impacted you on a level out of your direct consciousness.

I don't think there is a single person on the planet who wouldn't want an extra edge when it came to business (or life for that matter), and while I can't give you the formula to earn millions of $$$ from a remote island, I can share with you some simple body language tips that may just give you the extra edge.

5 Simple Business Body Language Tips.

1. Eye Contact.

Eye contact makes you present, it brings you into the moment and allows you to really connect with another person. As a general rule aim for eye contact 60 - 70% of the time.

2. The Handshake.

Shaking hands could be the first, and maybe only time you touch another person so never miss this opportunity. Shaking hands (or physical touch) causes the release of oxytocin which is an essential ingredient in building trust. When it comes to the handshake make it firm, but don't go to hard, ideally match the other person in pressure

3. Mind Your Posture.

Most people are walking around on auto pilot, next time you are sat having coffee spend a few moments just noticing peoples posture as they move around the world. When you are meeting a client or customer, check in with yourself and your posture.

4. Add Emphasis With Gestures.

You can add emotion, excitement or a serious tone to your words by using gestures. Gestures bring our messages to life and give meaning. In a one-on-one conversation, I would limit gestures to an imaginary 8" (20cm) wide box that runs across the belly button and extends out to just past the shoulders. Unless you are used to using gestures, if you go any bigger than this it can be distracting or you could look out of control.

5. Do You Have A RBF?

Similar to posture in that this involves awareness, what message does your resting face send out? I will be honest and say that my default face is super grumpy, I consistently check in with myself to keep my face in check.

RBF - Resting Bitch Face :)

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