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The Power Of Using A Name

This is advise we have heard a lot, and YES it's a great way of building instant rapport, however I am surprised how little I see this rapport building tool being used.

If you want to establish rapport fast where ever possible use a persons name and use it a few times, especially at the beginning of the interaction.

When someone uses your name in a sentence it will instantly grab your attention, you can't help but take notice, from a psychological perspective it is like, a flashing banner or sign, it grabs our attention and focus, it's pretty much impossible to ignore it when we hear our name.

In this video I share a couple of tips on how to effectively tap in to the power of using someones name.

If you take this tool and combine it with some of the other techniques I have shared in the past you will be like a rapport building machine.

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Anthony Laye - Conference Speaker

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