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How To Look Confident - 3 Tips

Last week I posted a video about behaviours that will make you look insecure, I had a couple of people message me and ask, "well okay that’s great, but what can I do to make myself look more confident?"

So thats exactly what I want to share with you in this video?

Don't have time to watch?

Here are the three body language and non verbal behaviours that will not only make you look more confident, they will make you feel more confident.

# 1 - Make eye contact, people who are feeling insecure will tend to avoid looking others directly in the eyes, I have seen this a lot with people telling a client or customer a price, you gotta own it, and deliver that price with eye contact.

# 2 - Use winners body language (pull your shoulders down and back, aim chin chest straight forward, keep space between arms and torso, and keep your hands visible).

#3 - Use pauses - when we are caught off guard during a conversation, when our cages are rattled we tend to cover thinking time with um’s and ah’s, instead use a pause, it will feel uncomfortable but will make you appear much more confident.

This last one is a really hard thing to do, myself and other great speakers will still do this on occasion but just being aware will massively reduce how much you do it.

Thanks for dropping by,

Anthony Laye

Behaviour Expert / Mentalist / Speaker

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