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Are You Making Yourself Look Insecure?

As confident as you like to think you are, there will be times when you are not feeling 100% sure of yourself, it might be you find yourself in new or unfamiliar environment, it could be the situation of presenting a pitch to a client on their territory, maybe you are about to enter a meeting that will have a huge impact on your career.

What is really important for you to be aware of is that your uncertainty, those nerves and anxiety may be leaking through in your body language.

People assume that I must be confident all the time, after all I walk on stage in front of hundreds of people each week, surely that must make me naturally confident… I wish this was the case.

The reality is that I am human, I am the same as everyone else, there are often times where I am feeling anxious and nervous.

I regularly find myself at events, mingling with the guests knowing that I have limited knowledge about their industry or profession, despite researching in the run up to the event my understanding is surface level, it comes from reading, not years of actually getting my hands dirty and being involved.

Every interaction at these events is uncertain; will I get in to a conversation that I have no idea what they are talking about? If I am performing some mentalism effects, will I encounter a hard skeptic and be challenged? The answer is, I don’t know, but what I do know is I must be conscious of how my body is reacting to this feeling of uncertainty.

Any time we enter a situation that makes us feel uncertain, anxious or nervous our survival brain will kick in to try and protect us, one of the ways that it will do this is through our body language (our physiology). The problem is, most of the time this happens outside of our conscious awareness, we are so focused on dealing with the ‘uncertain inner self talk’, that we don’t even realise that our bodies are screaming out ‘I am nervous’.

In business, confidence plays a huge role, it can be the deciding factor between you or your competitor getting the deal, it can be the one thing that causes a client or team to lack trust in you, it also plays a huge role in how far, and fast you will move up the corporate ladder.

In the video below I highlight three common behaviours that are seen in those who are insecure, these are behaviours that will often happen outside of our conscious awareness.

Be aware that when you are feeling uncertain, nervous or anxious your survival brain will kick in causing this to show up in your body language, just having this awareness will help you combat that uncertainty.

What situation have you been in that rumbled your confidence?

Thanks for dropping by,

Anthony Laye

Behaviour Expert / Mentalist / Speaker

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