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How To Get Upgraded By Being Human.

👩‍✈️ Human Connection 1️⃣

💻 Computer Connection 0️⃣

This week is busy with presentations and air travel (a flight every day). Last night I thought it would be nice to go online and upgrade my flight from Melbourne to Perth, a little treat to make my week of flights more comfortable. Unfortunately after logging in I was told business class had no spare seats.

When I arrived at the Virgin Lounge this morning I was cheerful, I gave a smile and made conversation with the two staff members who were checking me in. It wasn’t a long conversation, however in less than a couple of minutes I had managed to create a connection, I made a couple of playful comments about the staff members, made them laugh (to the point where another staff member came over and said ‘what am I missing, it sounds fun over here’) and also complimented them on being the most fun lounge team of the week.

Just as I was about to leave I mentioned that I tried to get an upgrade online but it was showing full. These are the next words I heard... “Hang-on I am sure we can sort something out for you” a few taps on the keyboard and a sticker that states ‘Full Catering Not Assured’ and like magic, here I am sat typing this update, without the armrest ownership battle.

The lesson here is when we connect on a personal level, face-to-face we can create an emotional impact, we can create an experience and change the way people feel; others are more likely to help and assist us when there is a connection, an emotional driving force, this is something we can’t do when interacting with a computer or a piece of technology.

A relationship is built over time but, never underestimate the impact you can have in just a few minutes.

What's the best thing you have you received from being personable?

Have a great day,

Anthony Laye

Behaviour Expert / Mentalist / Speaker

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