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  • For Communicators who need to understand and be understood,
  • For Leaders who need to increase their awareness within their executive team,
  • For Sales & Customer Service Professionals who want to create deeper connections and experiences,
  • For Teams who are experiencing disconnection, conflict and miscommunication,
  • For Conference & Event Planners who need an MC who can literally “read the room!”


Conscious Communication-The Key To Success With People

With the skills to create more meaningful human-to-human connections, you will be happier, more productive, and more business will be won and retained. Whether you want to develop a more cohesive team, build stronger business relationships or sharpen your sales speak, walk away with simple hacks to build rapport with anybody. THE POWER OF HUMAN CONNECTION Anthony understands human behaviour; how we communicate, and how we win and lose at influence every day. You will be empowered with simple tactics to be more effective at listening, observing, communicating, and building influence at work or home. Anthony proves, you don't need to be a mind reader to build rapport and communicate with influence.

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Discover the foundations to communicate with more confidence and influence.

Anthony Laye at ITNATION

Understand how to decode human behaviour, to rapidly build rapport and connection.


Learn the secrets behind presenting with confidence, so you will always win the room.

We had the pleasure of having Anthony Laye give a keynote at our recent conference. His presentation was entertaining and on point. I would recommend him for a conference or event that you may be having in the future.
- Janine Allis, Founder Boost Juice

Event Host & MC

Imagine An MC That Can Literally Read The Room

There is no other MC like Anthony Laye. Your delegates will have a great time at your event and will remember it for years to come. Anthony will give structure and flow to your event and keep it running on time. All combined with an entertaining performance. Anthony understands being an MC means more than just doing a quick welcome and introducing the next speaker, the MC is the control centre for creating an experience for all attendees, an MC is the glue that combines formalities and organisation with engagement and energy. You have a million things to worry about when running an event, Anthony won’t be one of them.

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Anthony has worked the stage and events for over a decade so understands how to work the room and bring a flat crowd back to life.

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Mixing short entertainment & interaction sets, Anthony engages and revitalises the audience between speakers and after breaks.


Anthony works with you to understand the experience you want to create for your delegates, so you can feel confident you have chosen the right mc.

'Anthony definitely hit the brief and the audience engagement was fantastic and exactly what they wanted and needed’- Australian Property Institute


The Behaviour Expert

Understanding human behaviour has never been more hilarious

Imagine a speaker that creates huge impact, is guaranteed to wow your audience and gives you the piece of mind to focus on other important tasks. Behaviour Specialist, Anthony Laye, will guide you through an incredible journey filled with humor and awe, leaving you with the understanding that you're not the sole architect of your thoughts. It's a potent exhibition that truly leaves a mark. A proficient human lie detector, a master of suspenseful games such as Russian roulette, and a virtuoso of mind tricks… Anthony Laye offers a unique, unforgettable, and entertaining session that will be discussed for years to come. So unless you’ve already seen Anthony Laye as part of the international spectacular “The Illusionists”’ or on his many television appearances, then you’ve never seen anything like Anthony Laye.


Sophisticated Entertainment that is engaging and interactive.


Anthony is one of Australia’s busiest entertainers and has performed over 1000 live shows.


Anthony can work with you to create a show that links to a theme or message.

'Anthony was an exceptional talent, one of the best I have seen in a long time'
- Coca Cola

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