Last week I posted a video about behaviours that will make you look insecure, I had a couple of people message me and ask, "well okay that’s great, but what can I do to make myself look more confident?" 

So thats exactly what I want to share with you in this video?


As confident as you like to think you are, there will be times when you are not feeling 100% sure of yourself, it might be you find yourself in new or unfamiliar environment, it could be the situation of presenting a pitch to a client on their territory, maybe you are...

👩‍✈️ Human Connection 1️⃣ 

💻 Computer Connection 0️⃣

This week is busy with presentations and air travel (a flight every day). Last night I thought it would be nice to go online and upgrade my flight from Melbourne to Perth, a little treat to make my week of flights mo...

Imagine if you had a simple technique to instantly change the way that you feel.

Your busy, going about your daily tasks, going to business meetings, calling clients, staying on top of a fast approaching deadline, then it gets to mid morning, you go to take a quick sip...

Imagine how would you feel if every day you felt like you were moving forward, like you were making progress towards a goal or vision that you currently have. 

In this one minute mindset I share with you a simple hack that will boost your productivity and fast track you...

Charisma, to some it seems like a mystical power that only the select few are born with, however I am here to tell you that yes, while a few people are naturally charismatic (however they're most probably copying techniques learnt at an early age), charisma is somethin...

Have you ever been in an conversation and found yourself feeling disconnected from the other person? It left you feeling deflated by the experience? 

Networking is a huge part of success in business, we want to make sure we not only create a good first im...

What do your clients really think about you?

Before we have even said a word a potential client has already made a snap judgement as to whether they like us or not based purely on our non verbal messages.

So the question is, have you thought about how you want to be perc...

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of things you have to do? 

Have you ever found yourself about to enter a situation you know is going to be tense? 

Do you find yourself pressured by the constant demands of others?

In this video I share a super fast to...

What could you achieve if you were fearless?

Maybe you have an idea you want to suggest? Maybe you want to ask for a promotion? Maybe you have a project you want to ask a colleague to help you with?

Do you find yourself hesitating because that little voice inside your he...

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