Have you ever found yourself on a call with a client, even though you have lots of important matters to discuss you find yourself scrolling through LinkedIn, reading the news or running a google search for what a chair would look like if our legs bent the other way? Al...

Have you ever been in the situation where, what started out as your average weekly meeting has spiralled out of control? Someone decided to point the finger at ‘Blameless Bob’ and now the tension has started to rise, lips are starting to compress, faces are going red a...

My first ever paid performance was a while ago now, not sure of the exact date, or even year but for the sake of getting on with this article lets just say it was over 20 years ago (wow, that just made me feel a little old). It was a cabaret night that one of my carpen...

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Be Instantly Likeable - 3 Non Verbal Tips

November 15, 2017

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