A big challenge I see many people facing, is how to edit video.

This might just be to trim off a few seconds at the beginning and end, or sometimes it is more involved like removing a mistake or creating a square video for social media.

I recently recorded this short tra...

If you are involved in virtual events then this video is a must watch.

One of the biggest challenges faced with virtual events is keeping the audience engaged.

How can we create the feeling of connection and unity when everyone is at a distance.

After speaking, performing...

Allow me to explain.....

A few weeks back I made a post on social media ‘10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me’

One of the things I shared was, I have only become comfortable with the sound of my voice in the last few years.

This seemed to surprise quite a few people, so her...

When it comes to communication whether that is from stage, in the boardroom or on camera ( Zoom ) there are 3 foundations that if you know and understand will take your communication skills to the next level.

So many people fear public speaking/presenting, a big part of...

If you have ever watched a speaker, either on stage or on camera and found yourself thinking 'wow they are amazing', it would be because they ticked the boxes of three essential criteria.

After 10 years working as a professional speaker and entertainer I have found that...

Virtual communication has gone through the roof over the last few months.

We have found ourselves using video conferencing on a daily basis to connect with clients and team members.

A big mistake I am seeing people make though, is not taking this style of communication s...

We have all heard the statistics surrounding communication, 

7% Words, 

38% How we sound,

55% Our body language

I call these the Three V’s Of Communication, Verbal, Vocal, Visual

Whats interesting is so many people focus on what they are going to say, and ignore how they ar...

What is the difference between a good presenter and a bad presenter?

Whether speaking on stage, camera or in the boardroom, effective communication skills are a must.

There is no point having a great message, product or idea if you cant convey that to others.

I feel like...

2003 was a year I will never forget, it was a year that changed the trajectory of my life. I was living through a particularly dark and challenging time, it felt like everything I had built in my life to that point was falling apart, I was convinced the universe was ou...

Does the idea of presenting on camera make you feel anxious?

Do you worry that you will damage your credibility?

Worried that you will forget what to say halfway through a video?

Fear not I am here to help you overcome your digital stage fright so you can create videos wi...

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